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Research suggests the bone density can be improved in older men that receive testosterone injections, thus preventing and reversing osteoporosis.

Testosterone therapy has shown to improve muscle mass and strength but the administration of the hormone remains controversial because of the potential to increase prostate cancer. (Note that there are now many studies that refute this notion. The book “The Testosterone Syndrome” also says this is not the case. This is especially true if the form of the medication is natural or bio-identical testosterone. When natural hormones are used to raise low levels, reason states there should be no problems. Other wise we’d all contract prostate cancer when the hormone is at its highest – around twenty years old!)

The team studied 13 men, 65 yo 85 years old. The trial lasted five months and the men were given the injections on a weekly basis every other month. Some of the men received a placebo instead of testosterone.

The study found the men that received the testosterone had reduced bone turnover compared to the placebo group. While the researchers are still unsure of the long term effects of treating low testosterone (note that some had mormal levels before the study) they concluded that testosterone treatment stops and reverses osteoporosis.

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