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Women and men should be concerned with osteoporosis.

This disease can be prevented and reversed to  a certain degree with natural hormones and supplements and diet and exercise and sunshine.

Osteoporosis Treatment: Medications and Natural Alternatives

Which medications are most commonly used for osteoporosis treatment?

Bisphosphonates are — by far — the most common medications prescribed for osteoporosis treatment. Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva are just a few examples from this family of medications.

Prevention of Osteoporosis | Guidelines to Help Avoid Osteoporosis

With family history and genetics playing a role in the possibility of you contracting osteoporosis, nor a certain cause to name by physicians and scientists, it is not possible to give you guidelines that will 100% prevent you from contracting osteoporosis, however this list of guidelines has been researched and proven to be effective in increasing your chances of resisting this often debilitating disease.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Osteoporosis are a Safer, Better Solution

Bioidentical hormones, used to treat osteoporosis, are defined by the endocrine society as compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the human body. It is a term generally used with reference to the sex hormones i.e. estrogen, progesterone and androgens like testosterone.

Calcium Supplements For Osteoporosis. Which One Should You Choose?

The most abundant mineral found in the body is calcium, of which 99% of it is stored within the bones. Osteoporosis is a disorder of the bones in which there is decalcification of the bone. This loss of minerals from the bones makes it more fragile and prone to fractures. Thus, an osteoporotic patient’s bone fractures more easily as compared to a normal individual.

Bone Loss Slowed / Prevented by Walking

Osteoporosis researchers Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore have released a study that shows exercise may bone loss from androgen deprivation therapy and radiation for prostate cancer. This would greatly decrease the risk for bone fracture and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Osteoporosis | How does osteoporosis occur?

In order to understand the role of bone mineral density scanning, it is important to know a little about how osteoporosis occurs. Bone is constantly being remodeled. This is the natural, healthy state of continuous uptake of old bone (resorption) followed by the deposit of new bone. This turnover is important in keeping bones healthy and in repairing any minor damage that may occur with wear and tear. The cells that lay new bone down are called osteoblasts, and the cells responsible for resorption of old bone are called osteoclast. Osteoporosis occurs as a result of a mismatch between osteoclast and osteoblast activity.

Drugs For the Treatment of Osteoporosis and Natural Alternatives

Osteoporosis Risks and Treatments

Osteoporosis is a word, which comes from the two words: “osteo-“, meaning bone and; “porosis” meaning porosity. It is a common pathological condition in post-menopausal women and people having calcium deficiency or hormonal imbalance. A patient with osteoporosis has a low bone mineral density and thus is comparatively more fragile. Thus, people suffering from this condition are prone to an increased risk of fractures.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

After aging, the body starts to lose normal function part by part. Most commonly, it is the endocrine system, which starts deteriorating. This loss in function of the endocrine system can manifest itself in the form of various disorders. Disorders such as osteoporosis, which is generally caused due to an imbalance in the hormone levels in the body, even though not lethal, can be quite dangerous. Replacing the lost hormones to ameliorate these conditions is called as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

DEXA Scan Used to Detect Osteoporosis

DEXA scan is an instrument used to measure the density of bones. DEXA stands for dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. It is now also called DXA scan. Measurements of bone mineral density are important in many areas of science, but its most important use is found in clinical assessment of osteoporosis (which is a disease in which there is decreased bone mineral density, possibly due to menopause, malnutrition and various other factors).

Bioidentical Hormones and Osteoporosis

Bioidentical hormones are considered a form of natural hormone replacement therapy; however they do remain medications. Studies indicate that hormone replacement therapy is effective in treating osteoporosis and remains the oldest and most common treatment modality. So how do natural, or bioidentical hormones play a role with the bodies progesterone and estrogen levels?  To understand this, we need a short course in bone growth education.

Drugs for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be not only a painful disease but a dangerous one as well. Living with osteoporosis means more chance of bone fractures at a much easier rate than those who have normal or above normal bone density. Additionally, it can be painful, especially if one experiences a fracture. In this vein there are drugs to treat osteoporosis. These drugs are divided into two groups.

Bone Mineral Density Test and Osteoporosis

A bone mineral density test measures the density or quantity of minerals in your bones. The test is usually completed by using a CT scan or ultrasound.  The test can be run on the hip, spine, wrist, finger, shin or heel bone(s). This information is critical in that through the bone mineral density test, the strength and overall health of your bones is able to be estimated.  Now that we know what it measures and how it is done, let’s take a closer look at this test and the importance of bone mineral density in combating osteoporosis.

Menopause and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis and other Symptoms of Menopause can be the most trying time in a women’s life.

Menopause marks the onset in a woman’s life when her ovaries no longer are producing estrogen and progesterone. It is a crucial time that encompasses many changes within a woman. It also marks a time where the onset of osteoporosis can begin to occur if a woman does not take and has not taken adequate prevention steps.

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